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Melissa Harrison & Tristan Emig — Minted

Melissa Harrison


Tristan Emig

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Our Story

At the beginning of 2019, we were unacquainted neighbors living a mere 40 feet away on either side of Umbria Street. Melissa was contemplating becoming a dog owner but was agonizing (as she does) over the pros and cons of the commitment. Amidst her dilemma, Melissa couldn’t help but notice the adorable gray pitbull across the street, routinely guarding her post at the front door, barking at the characters of Umbria Street and wagging her tail in circles for any fawning passerby. Tristan’s dog, Sky, had struck a nerve and given Melissa an extra dose of confidence. While sitting in her car, looking at Sky, Melissa made up her mind. The next day, she put in her application to adopt a dog and a couple weeks later, welcomed Ruthie into her life.

Fast forward 6 months, the world was hit by Covid-19 and social interactions suddenly became hard to come by. Fortunately, a few weeks into the pandemic, we realized we had mutual friends and were introduced by Tristan’s brother. Because of the lockdown and Tristan recovering from a torn Achilles, most of our early interactions were simply hanging out in the backyard where Ruthie and Sky became fast friends. We built a strong foundation for our friendship as we spent many nights on the deck, sharing our thoughts on the world, obsessing over our dogs, making each other laugh, blasting music, and drinking a lot of Bud Light seltzers.

That spring marked the beginning of our blossoming relationship. We grew from neighbors to friends to something more, all while much of the world was still in chaos. As an outlet, we began regularly taking the dogs on hikes along the Wissahickon Creek and playing fetch at Pachella Park. Our dating evolved into a deeper relationship and 3 years later, Tristan asked Melissa to marry him at Pachella Park under an Oak tree where they fell in love.

We have had so many adventures including taking bike rides on the Schuylkill Trail, skiing in the winters, traveling to Europe, and most recently house hunting. If it wasn’t for Sky’s cute face, our love story may have never happened. We are so excited for you to join us at Curtis Arboretum as we celebrate our journey from neighbors to life partners.